Launceston College

  • Client Launceston College Multi-Academy Trust
  • Location Launceston, Cornwall
  • Cost £16m
  • Completion 2023

The expansion of Launceston College was delivered as part of Cornwall Council's 'School's Basic Needs' delivery programme. Alongside the refurbishment and reconfiguation of existing buildings on the campus, the new general teaching and science block cost effectively increase the school's net capacity by 375 pupils. The new three storey building provides thirteen new science laboratories and eight new general teaching rooms, along with additional staff and ancillary support spaces.

The ideal layout of the building and the required quantum of spaces were based on DfE guidelines and tested through close discussion with the school's teaching staff and senior management team. Natural light and ventilation have been maximised, with generously sized labs designed wider than usual to allow for easy circulation and clear lines of sight. The set-up and layout mimics that of a university lab, which was intentional as we wanted to raise the aspirations and expectations of the students.

The designed building form and architectural style responds to the close proximity of the neighbouring residential buildings, whilst drawing on the existing architectural character of the college campus buildings. A solid masonry plinth anchors the building into the ground, whilst the arrangement of the striking metal cladding on the upper floors contrast a horizontal emphasis with the vertical glazing and canopy that marks the main entrance.

"We feel proud to work in what must be the newest purpose-built laboratories in the South West. We feel very fortunate to have had a lot of input into the design."

Llewellyn Lancaster, Science Teacher
Launceston College