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Environmental Policy

PBWC recognize that our own operations impact upon the environment in a number of ways and understand the significant impact that our services can have on the environment.

Our practice aim is to provide our clients with an excellent service whilst looking to reduce both our, and where possible their projects’ impact on the environment.

As a team we look to continually improve the way in which we work, to improve our environmental performance, and we seek to prevent pollution through both our design solutions and best working practices. We are commited to ensure that we comply fully with relevent environmental legislation and further appropriate requirements such as those produced by the RIBA and The Building Regulations.

We recognise that our significant in-house aspects are the use of elecricity and paper, and the use of fossil fuels for transport. We also recognise the potentially large impact that the buildings we design can have on the environment, from the embodied carbon of their constituent materials, through to their energy performance and sustainability during use and at the end of their lifetime.

In order to reduce our impact upon the environment we aim to:

• Reduce the consumption of resources in our operations.

• Manage our waste to reduce, reuse or recycle where practical.

• Increase client awareness and understanding of the environmental aspects of projects.

• Ensure that the design process for each project takes account of sustainability in the widest sense, in order to maximize the social, economic and environmental benefits.

• Employ good housekeeping practices at all times and ensure efficient use of resources

These aims will be accomplished through the implementation of an effective environmental management system which will be regularly audited and reviewed to monitor that it is achieving the aims of this policy.

We also recognize the important role staff and others working on our behalf in achieving this policy. They will be made aware of their responsibilities and appropriate support including training will be provided where necessary.

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